Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Round 2 Night 1!

UPDATE: Roles have been sent out! Please leave a comment to confirm that you got your role. You'll then have until the deadline listed below to submit your night actions!


Comment moderation has been turned on. When you receive your email, comment here as soon as possible. You will also have until Thursday, April 28th at 9PM Pacific time (5:00 AM Friday the 29th in the UK) to submit your first night actions. If you have any questions, email me.

A new thing for this round-- I'll be posting the list of roles and players remaining at the end of each post.

1) Gemma
2) Dugglyn
3) Star
4) Lavender
5) Silente (Jai)
6) Lua
7) Vellichor (Elleni)
8) Keiron
9) Snow


1) Mafioso
2) Mafioso

3) Normal Cop
4) Naive Cop
5) Paranoid Cop
6) Insane Cop

7) Doctor
8) Coroner

9) Survivor

Player order and role order not related. Role assignments generated randomly.

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