Wednesday, April 20, 2016


We have four players so far (thank y'all so much btw). We need at least 5 for the game to begin.

If I don't get that number by Sunday at noon Pacific Time, I will have a NPC play. If the NPC is a sheriff, it will post its results each day. If it is the Mafioso, it will randomly select kills and post random fake results to try to pretend to be a sheriff.


The game will run more smoothly and be more fun if there are more players, and if they're actually people rather than bots! Tell your friends and stuff! If there are more players, I'll make the role list more

If there are 5 players, the rolelist will be as follows:
1) Mafioso
2) Sheriff
3) Naive Sheriff
4) Insane Sheriff
5) Paranoid Sheriff

If there are 6, I'll add another mafioso. The two mafiosi will decide on one kill between them. However, the town will have to find and hang both to win.

If there are more than 6, I'll make all the cops normal cops (though there'll only be one or two) and add the other specialty roles (like the doctor!) into the equation.

Sign up if you haven't already, and tell your friends! I only need 5 to continue, but anyone who signs up before Sunday at noon Pacific Time is in.

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