Friday, April 29, 2016

Round 2 Night 2

Day 2 has ended. Everyone produced sheriff's badges, but if was unclear which badges were legit, which stolen. Henry the telepathic-ninja-owl-slash-petty-thief handed out a bunch of extra badges, just to add to the confusion. One person was overheard saying "Why are you giving this to me? I can't pretend to be two cops." However, no one was sure who'd said that.

As the sun set, the gallows remained empty.


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Round 2 Players
1) Gemma
2) Dugglyn
3) Star
4) Lavender
5) Silente (Jai)
6) Lua
7) Vellichor (Elleni)
8) Keiron
9) Snow


1) Mafioso
2) Mafioso

3) Cop
4) Cop
5) Cop
6) Cop

7) Doctor
8) Coroner

9) Survivor

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