Friday, October 10, 2014

The New Challenge: Second Lock WINNERS

Elleni's outfit (Adamantha)

Annika's outfit (Lux)
Congratulations! Each of your teams should be receiving an email shortly with components you will eventually need for the fourth lock. Third lock challenge will be up soon!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The New Challenge~ The Second Lock: UPDATE

Here are the outfits I have received. If you sent one, and it's not here, leave a comment or email me.




(Sorry it's sideways. I can't currently fix that. It won't give you any unfair disadvantage, don't worry)




To answer your question about submitting multiple outfits, if you want to do one for Adamantha, one for Lux, that's okay, but three is too many and in my opinion gives you an unfair advantage. Also, the two outfits must be in one image.

UPDATE: I've decided, there will be multiple winners. If you submitted one outfit, it will be entered for both Adamantha and Lux, if you submitted two, could you please specify which one is which? Thank you. Bye.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The New Challenge~ The Second Lock

"That was rather easy, once we brought the reinforcements in," Adamantha remarked.
Lux nodded. "I doubt it will go so quickly in the future... There's a reason no one's opened this before."
Reason after reason after reason.
Adamantha and Lux both jumped.
"So you're the ghostly projection the reinforcements were talking about?" Lux asked.
Yes, of course, said the ghostly projection. I'm here to make sure that no one unworthy opens the Suitcase of Duplicity. 
Yes. What things are and what they aren't.
"I see..."
You saw visions of it, didn't you? You're one of the chosen few, but not the only one. Remember that. Also, you need more style. Get a fashion designer, like now.
With that, the ghostly projection disappeared.
There was a moment of silence, then Adamantha said "Dude, the ghost has sass."
Lux smiled slightly. "Should we get a fashion designer, then?"
"I guess?" Adamantha shrugged. "It seems kind of silly, but maybe that's the point?
Lux turned the suitcase over, examining each tag and sticker carefully. Adamantha drummed her fingers on the arm of her chair and waited.
"No... There's nothing else, unless Matt and Maureen have any leads from the prisoner."
"Oh, yeah, your phone beeped a while ago. You should probably check it."
Lux's phone seemed to float across the room toward her. She frowned. How did she miss the beeping noise? Usually it drove her crazy. She picked it up. "Thanks."
One new message, indeed from Matthew.
He's had visions like yours, but won't give us 
any details. I can try to arrange for you to 
talk to him if that would help. See you soon. M

"How about this?" Lux decided. "I'll talk to this Dunham guy, you work on the whole fashion designer thing."
"Yes, ma'am. My sense of style will save the day!" 
As Lux left, Adamantha went over to her computer and quietly contacted the reinforcements. She was lying about having a sense of style.


Your challenge:

Make an outfit. It can be for any occasion, but it has to be your-element-themed. You can draw it, make a collage of various photos you found on the internet, it doesn't matter, as long as you end up with one image file. Either email it to or post it on your blog and comment the link. Must be turned in by Sunday the 5th of October at 11:59 Pacific Time.


30% Creativity
25% How well you've incorporated the element theme
25% How well the outfit matches
20% How much detail you've added, accessories, etc.

Multiple members of the same team may enter separately. There will be exactly one winner.

If you wish to participate and are not yet on a team, contact Fabi about this.

(Also, Adra has joined team earth)

(Silente is now in team water)