Monday, April 18, 2016

Mini-Game 1: Mini Mafia

This is very much based off the version on the SP forums, but I'm changing it a bit to make it fit with the blog format, and I'm adjusting roles just a smidgen.

Basically, the Mafia try to kill everybody in the town, and the town try to figure out who's Mafia and hang them. There are two phases:

Day phase: People discuss and try to guess who's suspicious. At any time during the day, a player may vote to hang someone by typing <b>\vote [player to be hanged]</b>. If the majority of players vote for the person, the person will be hanged. You can change your vote by typing <b>\unvote</b>, but only before the vote has reached a majority. 

Night phase: If your role has a night action, you submit it to Fabi during the night phase. The Mafia will be able to talk to each other during the night and decide who to kill if this is a game with multiple Mafia members (which it may or may not be, depending on how many people sign up).

If you can commit to being part of a game for about 2-3 weeks during which you'll have to check the game each day, I strongly encourage you to sign up! You can do so by leaving a comment that says "count me in," or something along those lines. If you have any questions, also comment here.


Town: Goal is to lynch all Mafia.
  • Citizen--Ordinary member of the town, can vote for a lynch, but has no special abilities
  • Cop--Can investigate someone every night phase. Receives a verdict of "suspicious" for all Mafia members except the Godfather, "unsuspicious" for everyone else. Depending on how many people are interested, I may make all the townies cops and have them be the normal, naive (sees everyone as unsuspicious), paranoid (sees everyone as suspicious), and insane (sees people as the opposite of what they really are). However, if more than 6 people sign up, there will only be 1 or 2 normal cops. Exact role list will be revealed when sign-ups have closed.
  • Doctor--Can heal someone every night. Cannot heal self.
  • Odette--Can roleblock one player each night by waving around arms in a swan-like manner. Unable to roleblock the Godfather or Odile
  • Twin--If there's one, there will always be another. Two townies who can speak to each other privately during the night phase.

Mafia: Goal is to kill the town

NOTE: Any Mafia role may be sent to kill. The killer will forfeit any other actions for that night. Only one Mafia member will kill per night.
  • Mafioso--Ordinary Mafia member. Has no special ability beyond killing.
  • Godfather--The leader of the Mafia. Is immune to investigations (will show as "unsuspicious") and roleblocks. 
  • Consigliere--Can investigate one player per night. Receives a list of three roles, one of which is the player's role, the other two are randomly determined.
  • Odile--Can roleblock one player each night by doing 32 fouett├ęs. Unable to roleblock Odette.
  • Framer--Can frame one person each night. That person will give the opposite result from normal if investigated. (This role will not be included in a game with multiple types of cops)

Neutral: (Neutral roles will only be included if there are 10 or more players)
  • Jester--Crazy person who wants to be hanged by the town
  • Serial Killer--Kills one person per night. Goal is to be the last one standing. Will kill the dancer instead if roleblocked.
  • Survivor--Has 2 vests that make him/her immune to night attacks. Can choose to use these at any point in the game. Goal is to survive until the end.


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

This sounds slightly complicated but like the type of thing that you understand after about a one round of playing so yolo COUNT ME IN

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

COUNT ME IN!!!! :D this sounds sooo cool!

Inky Flame said...

That sounds absolutely amazing! I like things to do with the mafia and I'd like to commit, but I'm afraid I can't, so close to exams, I'm sorry :-(

Amy, Sarah, Aria, Yona, Cordelia, Sebastian, Jax, Melione, Cam, Westly, Tsubaki, Blair, Lira, Lucas, Juvia, Jesabelle (Gemma) said...

Count me in. I'll give it a shot.

Ace Pennman said...

I'm in... I might need to re-read and ask questions bc I read through it whike watching a movie, but... *shrugs*

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark | Moss Elsinore Cryptic | Fabi S. said...

That's ok. I'll try to organize another one over the summer if this goes well.

Villichora said...

yooo count me in i wanna try
you might have to email me to remind me to actually check the blog tho