Thursday, December 22, 2016

Round 9 Conclusion

Elleni wasn't sure about her decision, but she decided to stick to it. Dug was being led up to the gallows, when all of a sudden Silente the robo-kitty with laser eyes darted out from the crowd and body-slammed Henry, who let go of Dugglyn with his left claw. Dug seized the opportunity and started struggling against the right claw. She broke free and ran into the woods.

Now that Henry's other talon was free, he restrained Silente easily. "You haven't been voted to hang, so I will let you go. However, we can't have you interfering anymore," he told her telepathically.

He deflected Sil's eye lasers with his own TeLePaThIc StArE and tied her up. He paused. The opportunity to draw a blue mustache on a robo-kitty was too good to resist.

Meanwhile, Dug thought she'd gotten away. She slowed down just a fraction and looked behind her.

No one. Perf--

Dugglyn ran straight into a metal owl. "Oof! Whaaa...?"

"Do you recognize me?"

"Um... the only talking owl I know is Henry and you're a lot shinier than him. So, no."

"I didn't used to be an owl. Before I died, I was Taia DeMars. You killed me and many others, and I am not about to deprive you of the chance to die yourself."

Dug turned around, about to run, but Henry had silently landed behind her.

"Thanks for the diversion, evil minion sidekick bro!" He and Taia did the owl equivalent of fist-bumping (talon bumping), and then he scooped up Dugglyn in his talons and flew her back to the gallows.

"I would have gotten away with it if not for you meddling kids! Curse you, Elleni the platypus!"
And with that, Dugglyn, Mafioso, was hung.

Thanks for playing!

Complete role list:
Silente-- Naive Cop
Elleni-- Paranoid Cop
Star-- Insane Cop
Taia-- Normal Cop
Dugglyn-- Mafioso

Friday, December 16, 2016

round 9 day 2



The cop huddled in a corner. "Who's there?"

"Meow?!" Silente the robot kitty continued to scratch at the door. She heard footsteps from behind her--the mafioso's footsteps. Maybe the mafioso had cat treats!

The scratching stopped. Taia, Cop, breathed a sigh of relief and was just starting to go back to bed when the door handle started turning slowly.

Too petrified to scream, she searched for something that could be used as a weapon. There was a frying pan on the other side of the room. She lunged for it just as the door swung open.

The fight was short and brutal. Taia tried, but she was no match for the mafia. Thankfully, she too would get a chance to turn into a robot.


There are two cops and one mafioso left, so the hanging today decides the game. I'll give you as long as you need. The majority is 2.

Results aren't emailed out yet but I'll send them as soon I post this. Sorry for the delay!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Round 9 Night 2

Nobody hung that day. Silente (now a robot kitty with laser eyes) did wander over to see if the gallows to see if it would make a good scratching post, but that was it. (It would make an excellent scratching post, if not for the fact that Henry kept swooping down and glaring).

Eventually, everyone went back to sleep. What else could they do? One by one, they would wake at different points in the night. But almost certainly, one would never wake again.



Friday, December 9, 2016

Round 9 Day 1

A cop sorted through papers “borrowed” from her target’s room. She hadn't found anything suspicious so far, but she had only gotten a third of the way through. She was still two pages from the halfway mark when there was a sudden motion from behind her and a blunt object struck the back of her neck, killing her instantly.

Somewhere in the world of beeping and booping, there was a light. The light belonged to somebody who was making some pasta as a late dinner. She glanced around the kitchen uneasily, but nobody jumped out of the shadows. It was not her time to die. Whether that was because she was Mafia and the spaghetti sauce was the blood of her enemies or whether the Mafia member was someone else and had decided to kill someone else was unclear at this point in time.


“Hello!” said the ROBOTPRINCESS.

Silente, cop, blinked, confused. “Wait...I'm not dead?!”

“Actually, you are dead! Do not be alarmed! You get to become a robot now! Would you like the ability to shoot lasers! I can give you the ability to shoot lasers! Lasers are fun! Will you be my robot unicorn friend! Please! I've always wanted a robot unicorn friend!”

Sil scowled. The ROBOTPRINCESS was annoying her with all those exclamation marks and the overly chirpy voice. She supposed, though, that she could find a way of using this situation to her advantage. She adopted an overly sweet voice. The robot didn't notice the sarcasm.


The next morning, a cop was picking up some papers she must have carelessly left on the floor when she got a paper cut. She later blamed the slight bloodstain on that incident, not realizing it had been there already.

You have until Monday night at 10PM to talk. You may vote for a skip day or a target to hang, majority is 3.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Round 9 Night 1

The town looked confused. Where were they? Who were they? Why were there robots?

The Supreme Galactic Overlord smiled. She knew the answers to all of these, but didn't feel like sharing just now.

1. Dugglyn
2. Jai
3. Taia
4. Star
5. ROBOTPRINCESS Elleni/Villichora

Normal Cop
Insane Cop 
Paranoid Cop
Naive Cop

The robot will either kill or investigate someone at random (depending on her role). If the mafia decides to kill someone other than the robot on night 1, that person will take over the robot's role and receive the robot's night action results rather than their own. Then the game will proceed similarly to round 1.


Roles have been emailed out! You have until Friday at 10PM Pacific time to email me your actions. DO NOT COMMENT THEM HERE. COMMENT MODERATION DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE SINCE SO MANY OF YOU ARE AUTHORS

Friday, December 2, 2016

Mini-Mafia round 9!

I'm gonna keep it simple and have it just be another round of Mafia. 👍

Sign up here, I'll post a possible rolelist when I know how many players there are. If I get a certain number of players, I have some different setups where all the players would know the rolelist and stuff, but also if I don't get that number of players I'll do closer to a normal round.

So leave a comment if you want to sign up, or if you have a question about the rules and don't want to have to scroll all the way back to round 1.

Deadline is Monday morning whenever I wake up or 10am PST, whichever comes later.