Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Round 9 Night 1

The town looked confused. Where were they? Who were they? Why were there robots?

The Supreme Galactic Overlord smiled. She knew the answers to all of these, but didn't feel like sharing just now.

1. Dugglyn
2. Jai
3. Taia
4. Star
5. ROBOTPRINCESS Elleni/Villichora

Normal Cop
Insane Cop 
Paranoid Cop
Naive Cop

The robot will either kill or investigate someone at random (depending on her role). If the mafia decides to kill someone other than the robot on night 1, that person will take over the robot's role and receive the robot's night action results rather than their own. Then the game will proceed similarly to round 1.


Roles have been emailed out! You have until Friday at 10PM Pacific time to email me your actions. DO NOT COMMENT THEM HERE. COMMENT MODERATION DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE SINCE SO MANY OF YOU ARE AUTHORS

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