Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Round 8- END

The Mafia members sneaked out to complete their kill. Their target? Jimithy. For like the 4th time.

People don't expect lightning to strike in the same place twice, much less four times.

Unfortunately for their past attempts one of the doctors seem to be a mind reader.

Yep. That's right. Star, doctor, was actually the only doctor who ever saved any one. She missed it twice. And in those two times a townie had been converted and the second time, killed.

The mafia members, Jai, vampire, and Raven (who took Fabi's spot) were fed up with her healing everyone. They figured she would finally heal herself for once.

They arrived at Jimithy's house and Jai quickly stabbed him with a pickle. She offered $50 to the person running the game. She took it and laughed.

Star appeared next.

"Oops. I'm sorry. I actually healed myself last night. And seeing you two are the mafia members, did you really think I'd save you?"


She looked at the camera and shook her fist at it.

The person in the room just watched, holding her $50.

The next morning no body died. And so they came to uneasy truce. No one lost!
But no one won either...

well, sorry that was kind of a disaster! Hopefully at least one person had a little fun...


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Nah, game isn't rigged. Star is just a very smart cookie and me is not a very smart cookie. But considering me and my pet Mafia (:P) should have died, like, ages ago and we were up against an army of doctors I'll take the draw, I think it's quite good overall.

Star Inkbright said...


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

*rolls eyes* dont be too smug star. We drew :P And we would've gotten away with it if it wasn't for YOU. Literally, just you. You were the problem here. You single handedly held off a Mafia win xD

Star Inkbright said...

That makes me more smug, Jai. XD

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Yeah, I know. Pest :P *pokes* This proves you're much too good at Mafia.

Jimithy Tayithy said...


Jimithy Tayithy said...

Rip well done Mafia tho

Jimithy Tayithy said...

Next Tim i will try and be more active

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