Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Round 7 Night 1

Jai sat in the office, pleased with herself. She'd successfully set up a series of sprinkler systems that would keep the fire wraith out. So far, they'd worked nicely.

She looked around, considering her options. She paused, as she noticed a BIG RED BUTTON. There hadn't been a BIG RED BUTTON there before. To press it or not to press it...

"It doesn't really matter, you know. If you don't push it, I will."

Jai whirled around. "Supreme Galactic Overlord! What are you doing here?"

Fabi shrugged. "It's my office. You had your little fun while I was on vacation. That was amusing to watch actually, especially when I sent that little fire wraith to play. However, it's my turn again! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-- Oh, you're still here. Are you going to push the button, or shall I?"


Jai woke, her memory fuzzy. She spotted some other people wandering around. Dug, Raven, Jimithy, Star, and Snow. One of them was out to kill her. Or maybe she was out to kill them. She couldn't be sure until she checked her assignment.


There is only one Mafia member this round. However, they have the ability to both kill and do another thing in the same night, unless they are a vampire, in which case they can't both kill and convert.




Comment moderation is on and roles are being emailed out. Please tell me ASAP that you have received your role, even if you plan to wait before submitting your night action. You have until Saturday at 10:00 AM Wisconsin time, 8:00 AM Seattle time, 4:00 PM UK time, and 1 AM Tassie time to submit your actions. The night may end early if everyone submits something.

SANCTUARY: Goal is to find and kill all Mafia.
Cop-- Can investigate one per night. Receives a verdict of suspicious or unsuspicious depending on whether or not their target is Mafia-aligned.
Doctor-- Can heal one person per night. That person can't be killed or converted by a vampire.
Teleporter-- Can switch two people. Any actions targeting one will target the other. 
Trigger Happy-- Can chose to go on alert, killing who visits them that night (good or evil). Limit 2 alerts per game. (NOTE: Unlike in Jai's version of the game, the Trigger Happy is able to shoot Night 1)
Roleblocker-- Can drain someone of their magic, rendering them unable to perform any actions that night. 
Bodyguard-- Can choose to defend one player per night. Will die with that player's attacker. Can defend self and die with own attacker. If they defend someone else, that player will survive.
Vigilante- Can take the law into their own hands and choose one player to kill during the night. Limit two per game, can't do anything night one. Also can't shoot the night after a successful (target killed) shooting.

MAFIA: Goal is to kill all the Sanctuary.
Vampire-- Can convert one person to the Mafia. The converted person will become a mafioso. Limit one conversion per game. If there's a transformation, there can be no Mafia kill that day.
Scout-- Chooses one person to investigate. Receives a list of four roles. One is the actual role of the player, three are randomly selected from all roles in this list (including the scout role itself)
Shunter-- (basically the evil version of teleporter, but I wanted to call them something different) Can switch two people. Any actions targeting one will target the other. 
Leech-- (Evil Roleblocker is too long) Can drain someone of their magic, rendering them unable to perform any actions that night. 
Framer-- (akin to Framer) Can make an innocent person look guilty or a guilty person look innocent to cop investigations.

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