Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Night 5

The votes were counted and double checked, it was confirmed.

After a trial of 24 hours Jimithy the Cop was dragged up to the gallows, or at least the smoking mass of ash and fabric scraps.

"Um.. How do we kill him..? There's no noose anymore?"

The two citizens not up for death look around, one because they have no weapon, one because they still want to seem innocent. Even if there really is no point anymore, they'd won.

Slowly a small army of ghosts appeared. Snow the Ghost Mother, Raven the Teddy Possessor, Star the Bubbles and Fabi the Fire Wraith. Slowly Snow moved over to her dear child, arm reaching through his chest, hand grasping his very soul. Those holding him quickly released the boy.

As he tried to run, to escape the ghosts now surrounding him a burning pair of hands clamped down on his shoulders, searing his skin. He screamed in pain. Star erupted into bubbles, blowing into the face of the pained cop, clouding his vision and fogging his mind.

A small teddy bear tottered up, small knife clutched in her hand.


DEM the time ghost appeared quickly, slamming her arms down to the floor. The sky plummeted into darkness and midnight struck on the town clock.

"If you kill him now it counts as the night kill!!!"

Fabi the Fire Wraith looked over at DEM as the knife was driven into Jimithy's chest and his soul was ripped free by Snow the Ghost Mother. 

"This means nothing child, the night is still young and the Mafia have yet to strike."

With that the small ghost army faded away, taking Jimithy with them and leaving the lone time ghost with the two remaining citizens. They quickly fled, preparing for their nights actions. Both knew what was going to happen. Now it was just a case of how.


1) DEM
2) Dug
3) Fabi
4) Jimithy
5) Raven
6) Snow
7) Star
8) Taia

Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Mafia

So I mean we all know how this is going to end but I decided that we'd have a night anyway just so that the next death can still have some special actions in it. So guys don't forget to submit night actions, the funnier the better! Let's see how dramatic or funny an ending we can make this! Night ends on Tuesday the 13th at 8pm (12pm for Dug.)