Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Ending

The night was still and charged, thick clouds settled overhead, the rain hammering down with brutal force.

As Taia the framer prepared for her night's task she could hear the ghost mother quietly cheering her on from beyond the window, eager for the one she was backing to win.

Across town a lonely twin finished surrounding her bed with silly putty and tacks, curling up and clutching her pillow. She didn't want to die yet.. Sensing her childs distress Snow left, wandering over to stand at Dugglyn's side.

"Shh.. it's okay sweety.. it'll be okay." Ghost arms wrapped around the younger girl as a plate of ghost cookies appeared. The quivering child barely noticed.

From the stairway the sound of a ghost harmonica playing mission impossible could be heard as Taia creeped up the stairs, Raven floating along beside her. The door was pushed open silently.

"Dugglyn..? Are you in here?" Cautiously Taia poked her head around the doorway and rose her eyebrows at the defensive flooring Dugglyn had made. A pillow smacked into her head as a blur of panic smashed into her, causing her to cry out.

"Dugglyn! Dug stop!" The pillow beat at her, the hands of the tearful girl holding it tight. With an understanding sigh she snatched the pillow away, throwing it out the door and pushing Dugglyn back onto the bed.

"Please don't kill me.."

"I'm not going to Dugglyn! I want you to be my friend.. It gets lonely with my sister being dead and you have to understand that! So I want you to join me!"

"Join you.. killing people?"

"Join me in general. There is no one left to kill, but life in general is lonely.. join me?" She offered her hand. The lone twin stared at the hand before carefully taking it. The two embraced with a smile. Maybe they could both get over their rivalry!

"Come on, I've got a celebratory tea set up at my house!" Tugging on her new friends hand she frantically ran to the stairs and, in her excitement, accidentally fell headfirst, dragging the poor lass with her. As she crashed down the stairs one gave an almighty CRACK, the wood splintering.

When the two reached the bottom of the stairs one was bruised. The other, however, was bloodied, a shaft of wood burried deep in her stomach.

"NO!" Taia rushed to Dugglyn's side. A whimper escaped the dying girl's lips.

"I-I'm sorry.. I failed the town.. I-I'm sorry Star.. You wouldn't have made my mistake.. and Jimithy f-for lynching you.. I love you stop signs.." It was possible she was becoming delerious, the colour was draining from her face at an alarming rate and her eyes were clouded over. A weak murmur came from her lips. "Taia.. hug the stop signs.. hug them.." And with that the body went still. Taia stared, shell shocked.

A small ghost rested their hand on Taia's shoulder and dragged the shocked mafia member home. After sitting down and having a cup of tea the shock began to edge away slightly, replaced with.. regret.

"Well done Taia! We won! I'm so proud of you!"



A knock at the door disturb their talks. Raven was the one to answer it and was greeted by DEM, holding out two teddy bears.

"Well done. Have a teddy! Have you seen Dugglyn..?"

The bubbles which had been gently floating in the background soldifed into an ethreal form.

"She's hiding in the woods. Will you come with me? I'm not very good at comforting people and um would appreciate someone who is?" Taia, Raven and DEM followed the bubble, going to find the ghost girl.

Meanwhile Jimithy grinned as he saw the one house that didn't have a wreath and a letter of condolances on it. This one instead had a single burning rose and a pack of matches. Quickly he snatched up the box, replacing them with some joke matches, ones that wouldn't light properly. He quickly knocked on the door and hid.

Fabi, firewraith openned the door, beaming with excitement at seeing the matches, rushing back inside and grabbing the runner up blazer. Once outside again she struck the first match and frowned when the flame immediately spluttered out. After a few matches the not too quiet laughter of the mischevious ghost reached her ears and she turned, bursting into flames from head to toe, glaring at him. A firm hand gripped his shoulder. Something wasn't right..

In a flash she abused her Supreme Galactic Commander powers and appeared beside the other ghosts, dragging Jimithy there with her.

And there, sat in a clearing, was Dugglyn, crying and weeping, surrounded by her family and friends. It was okay, they all knew that sometimes all you could do was cry.. and instead of leaving the poor ghost to her sorrow, they instead embraced their new member, with Taia just awkwardly being swarmed by semi corpreal ghosts. A quiet whisper was released.

"Ohana means family.. family means no one gets left behind, forgotten.. or excluded. To Ohana."


YES THIS IS LATE UP YES I APOLOGISE I JUST SPENT THE PAST COUPLE OF HOURS WRITING AND REWRITING IT BECAUSE IT WASN'T RIGHT AND IT STILL ISN'T BUT I DID MY BEST OKAY?? Sorry about the death but I couldn't come up with an accidental way of killing her which would be tragic too and allow her to have her sad little last words thing.. heh.. I tried okay xD

Thank you for playing guys! You've made it an awesome round. If anyone has any feedback for me that would be appreicated? Have a great night/day/whatever!


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Ugh. There are so many grammatical errors in this.. One sec

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

I'm so so sorry

We Are Like Young Volcanoes said...

*huggles the duggle*

eat the ghost coooookiiieeeesss

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Oh, and *tacklehugs Dug*
*or tries to*
*but falls straight through her and onto the floor*
Be happy Duggggg

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...


Oh my god this is tragic and beautiful :(

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear (actually undead) :) said...

*hugglyns Dugglyn*

Sorry for lying to and/or killing y'all !!
(Especially @Fabi lmao whoops)

Dark Midnight said...

Aw great ending. Well done Raven and Taia.

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

*hugs Snow*

*hugs Jai*

*hugs Taia*

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...


"lmao whoops"

Is that all you have to say?

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet / fashion-conscious fire wraith said...

Also I could probably host the next round if people wanted. Otherwise Jai could go again