Saturday, August 20, 2016

Round 5 - Final

Noelle, Godfather danced through the shadows. Oh, what a time to be evil...

There was only one more person left to kill and then, she could return to her end goal of taking over the universe.

The house of Silente, Serial Killer was up ahead. She grinned. Let the games begin.

When she arrived at the house, she was surprised to find the door unlocked. Surely she'd be putting up more of a fight than this...

Noelle whistled a tune to herself, poking her head into every room and growing increasingly more concerned. This wouldn't be any fun if she'd just ran away.

She came to the last room, the door shut, and hesitantlyopened it. If this was a trap...

Silent lay on the groud in a puddle of her own blood. A note next to her read: "I refuse to be taken down ny the hands of another. We'll meet again,"

Noelle shrugged. She'd still won.

Now all she needed to do was bring back her vampire and that cop they'd converted. Luckily their resident necromancer had had some notes on reviving the dead...


That is the end of this round of mafia! I hope you all enjoyed playing, even if it wasn't expertly run. Congrats to Noelle on winning, and thank you all flr playing.


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Alastair Cruciatus said...

Well, that was an interesting game. Congratulations, my dearest Noelle, on winning, and thank you, Snow, for hosting.