Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Round 5 - Day 4

a  serial killer lurked in the shadows, grinning at her next target. This should be fun.

She slipped outinto the fabing light, knife glinting, amd tapped Fabi, converted mafioso on the shoulder. Fabi, for her part, simply sighed.

"I knew I'd be seeing you tonight. It's not really surprising, I mean, you cant kill the other Mafia member, and you wouldn't kill the townie..."

The serial killer grinned, bringing her knife up. "Any last words."

"Yes, actually. I may not have been the best cop, and I may have been converted on the second night, but I came very close to the truth while I was on your side.

"You may look at me and only see a villain, but I was good once. I tried hard to do what was right, and looked stunning while trying-"

"uh, are you almost done? Because I've kinda got some lther places to be..."

"You murders and your need to rush. Fine, get it over with."

The serial killer grinned again, and in a flash of light, Fabi dropped to the ground, dead.


Not far off, thenother mafia member hummed to herself in the cool night breeze, twirling a glinting crystal blade between her fingers. They'd killed her partner, her vampire, and by nowed there was no doubt that they'd also killed the one they had so cleverly converted. Oh well, she could still win.

She kept up the humming as she sidled up to the house on the corner, knocking once and waiting.

Star, necromancer open the door, and didn't even bat an eye at her.

"So it's down to this, is it? You, me, a knife... ah well, I had a good run. I didn't really do anything, per say, but I had some wonderful nights of sleep. And that one weird dream about a pineapple..."

The mafia member chuckled, flashing the knife at Star. "Anything heroic to say?"

Star shrugged. "It was nice. Good luck."

With that, the mafia member plunged the blade into Star, grinning slightly as she fell.

She could really get use to this whole killing thing...


it is now daytime! you know the drill. Day ends on Friday 19th August at 4pm. Good luck to the two remaining.

Players Remaining
1. Silente
2. Adra

1. Hidden Neutral
2. Hidden Mafia


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

CastVote SkipDay

Tomorrow Is The Judgment Day said...

no shhh I don't wanna write more right now.


Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...


Like I said, I'm not super mad. You'd have been a fool not to kill me. <3

You'll be right behind me though. <3

Star Inkbright said...

Nooooooo!! :P
*is not surprised in the slightest :P*

Adra Cruciatus said...

There is really only one way for this to end

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

CastVote SkipDay

Adra Cruciatus said...

snow, I'll give you my decision for the next night, but there is literally only one way

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...

I mean

Even if Jai somehow has a vest left, Noelle can just kill her the next night instead.

So there's not really a game at this point.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Please just skip day..
I know that I haven't won but just, please.