Saturday, August 13, 2016

Round 5 - Day 3 EXTRA

They'd decided to kill off the ghost. Almost unanimously. Even another ghost had voted for it.

The ghost, for her part, sighed. Didn't they get that this isn't how it works?

Still, she let them lead her up to the gallows, let them struggle to put the rope around her spiritual neck. She made it a little easier for them by willing it to stay.

She didn't really understand why they were all so surprised when nothing happened as the trap door opened beneath her. She was a ghost, she could hover.

She still played along, after a delay, allowing herself to drop slightly.

After a moment of everyone awkwardly staring at this ghost just trying to appease them, she spoke up.

"Are you all happy now? Can we go back to actually trying to decide on what to do? I'm still giving you until the same time, because I can." Snow, Omniscient Ghost, said as she floated sheepishly.


They all awkwardly shuffled off to continue with their daytime routine of glaring at each other suspiciously,  waiting for 4pm on Monday.


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

XD thank you

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

I love the undertones of exasperation

Star Inkbright said...

XD XD Thank you, Snow. XD

I think it's safe to say that we're all fabulous. :P

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

*the ghost approves*

Fabi said...

Wait this actually became a thing



I'm gonna pretend it was part of my master plan <3

Yeah <3

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

CastVote Skip Day :)

Fabi said...

Oh yeah <3

Castvote skip day <3

Star Inkbright said...

castvote skipday


Majority vote yaay

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Now just wait till Snow wakes up xD

Adra Cruciatus said...

Me too