Sunday, August 21, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Potential Role List

If you have any suggestions/complains/inquiries about specific roles please leave a comment about them and I'll do my best to address the comment in the correct manner! Sign ups will be posted at a slightly later date. And now onto the roles.

Townies - Aim is to defeat the Mafia and all hostile neutrals**
Citizen - Has no special night action.
Cop - Can investigate one person per night, getting a verdict of guilty or innocent.
Doctor - Can stop someone from dying who has been targeted by a killer that night. Has one self heal per game.
Busybody - Can watch one person per night and will receive a verdict of innocent or guilty based on if they successfully kill someone that night.
Twin - Can talk to their twin on a private night chat.
Trigger Happy - Can choose to shoot any person who visits them during the night. If two people visit then the person highest on the rolelist will be shot. Limit of two people per game, cannot shoot on the first night. 

Mafia - Aim is to defeat the townies and all hostile neutrals**
(Note: Mafia members with a night action can either use their specialised night action or carry out the Mafia's one kill.)
Godfather - Can carry out the nights kill. Is immune to all night actions other than the trigger happy.
Mafioso - Can carry out the nights kill.
Kidnapper - Can convert one person per game into a member of the Mafia. Can't convert on the first night or on nights when a kill is being carried out.
Mole - Can converse with the twins in their night chat as well as in the Mafia chat, however they cannot carry out the night kill.
Framer - Can make an innocent person look guilty or a guilty person look innocent. Can also carry out the nights kill. Will not effect the busybodies result.
Cover Up - Can choose a player to clean up at night. Should that person be killed their role will not be announced or removed from the role list. Can do this once per game.

Con Artist - Can take on the role of a dead person. Aim is to complete the game in the role of said deceased person.
Survivor - Has two bullet proof jackets which they can use at night. Can win with anyone other than the serial killer.
Serial Killer - Can kill one person per night and has two immunity vests. Cannot wear a vest and kill in the same night. Aim is to kill three people or be the last one standing.
Vee - Is assigned one person at the beginning of the game. Aim is to have this person hanged.
Arsonist - Can douse one players house in gasoline per night (said player will be informed of this) and can select themselves to light all doused houses. Wins with the Mafia or alone.
Trickster - Aim is to be lynched. Once lynched they may select one person who is then unable to speak in the next day chat unless put on trial. Said player may still vote however.

**A hostile neutral is one who cannot win with the respective team.


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

*also this is the order for said game*
Close comments
Open private blogs
-Survivor survives
-Trigger Happy shoots
-Trainee switches
-Serial Killer kills
-Mafia kills/Kidnapper kidnaps
-Doctor heals
-Cover up
-Arsonist douses
-Framer frames
-Cop investigates
-Busybody spies
-Con artist changes
-Trickster silences

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...


Star Inkbright said...

:) Sounds pretty cool!

However, it would make more sense for Mafioso to be a role as opposed to Mafia, if you ask me.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Very true. Updated :)

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...

I am a bit confused about the changes to Busybody.

Also I'm not so sure about the way of choosing only one visitor for the Trigger Happy. If only one out of multiple visitors would be shot, I think it should be random. However this is just my opinion and I will not be mad at you or anything if you disagree.

I do like the changes to Serial Killer. Part of the reason I was against making them choose between vest and killing was the fact that being the last one standing is a very tall order. However with the additional goal you added I think it works quite well.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Okay, so the changes to the busybody you might want to compare to the sheriff in the original game, I think.
Basically if someone kills that night and the busybody is watching them, that person will be given a verdict of guilty, regardless of actual role.
This was mainly because I wasn't certain on the original version.

I thought that first on role list makes more sense because they visit first?

I added that goal because of my denial xD Last round I looked up the definition of serial killer, it said that it was someone who had killed 3 or more people, usually with a rest period inbetween. Due to this I reasoned with myself last round that I win if I kill 2 or more people (since I'd killed someone as Mafia during that round). Admittedly it works better with larger groups but oh well.

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...

Idk. It might work well or it might not.

(By not certain on the original version, do you mean you don't understand how the role was meant to work? If yes, next paragraph is explanation. If no, skip it and move to the last paragraph in this comment)

My version of Busybody was based off the Watcher/Lookout. You watch a person and see who visited them. So if you watch Fabi and Effie roleblocks Fabi, you would be told something like "your target was visited by Effie." If the next day, Fabi said she'd been roleblocked, you could come to the conclusion that Effie was a roleblocker. ((I've also seen versions where you watch a person and see who they target. So if you watched Effie and Effie roleblocked Fabi, you would be told "Your target visited Fabi." And then if Fabi still told people she was roleblocked, you could guess that Effie was the roleblocker, but you couldn't be as sure as in the previous example because someone else might also have visited Fabi.)) Ok um I got sidetracked. Sorry.

I mean I guess. I think random is just more my style, but you're the host. And actually first on the order list does make a certain amount of sense so. I thought you meant the role list as in the list of players still alive that goes at the end of each post, which would have been a really weird way of going about it.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Hmm. I might change it back to the original then..

I just kind of like logic and logical order.
And lucifer no xD That would have been such an unfair way to do it! Then depending on if I put Mafia first or townie first that would be really really unfair!

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

I'm excited to play!!

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

I'm glad to hear that duggy!

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...

My version of Busybody and your version of Busybody fill in different parts of the role list. So if you need an investigative role that is more likely to find something but less likely for that something to be game-changing, go with my original one. If you need an investigative role that is less likely to find something, but that something is more likely to be game-changing, go with yours. Whatever you think would fit best with the other roles in the game.

I'd probably have the trigger happy be random, but your way is actually very logical so you do you kid, it's your game and as far as I can see both ways would be ok for the gameplay. As long as I know it's not the unfair way I originally thought.

I am excited to play as well!

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

So do I want a rare but valuable or a common but weak.
Well if this were trading cards I'd want rare but valuable because then my collection could be complete sooner!
I think I might keep it as it is, just to see how it goes. Especially as they're immune to the framer.

I like logic so I think I'll stick with my way :) Plus it puts more pressure on the Godfather not being able to carry out every single night kill without fear of repercussions.

And Yey!

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...


The immunity to the framer is good.