Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Night 3

The sun seemed to blase brighter as the evening began to beckon in dusk. Her fate had been decided and there was no fighting back.

As the town jostled her forwards all who were there would have sworn that they heard the plucking of a guitar, the light pressing on piano keys.

How unfair it was. Someone as amazing as she, as powerful too. She hadn't even gotten to roast that little Mafia member.

They led her up the steps.

She knew she'd been smart, she'd been a genius! And though her plan didn't work it was obviously because it was too genius for those mortals. At least they recognized that she was a genius. But still, they'd get their comeuppance. Maybe not this round, maybe not the next. But eventually.. they would all get their comeuppance.

A noose settled around her neck. Her hand slid into her back pocket, the only one she could reach. Her anger at the person who should have been her silent partner bubbled up inside.

"I could have roasted them for you! I could have saved you from them! None of you would have died tonight! The blood of the next to die is in your hands!"

"Save it love. No ones listening."

But she wasn't done. "I'm erasing myself from the narrative! Let future historians wonder how Fabi reacted when you broke her heart! You have torn it apart!" With a grin the flicked her thumb nail against the match clutched in her hand and dropped it to the saturated wooden stage. The one she had doused her first night, in preparation, as a precaution.

"I am watching it burn."

Flames licked at her feet, at her skin, and yet she did not cry out.

"I hope that you... Buuuuuuuuuuuuurn!"

The flaming inferno claimed the stage, cackling and crackling. Roaring and claiming their mistress the flames shielded Fabi, arsonist, from view. And all was burned to ash.

From the warm comfy office she watched the figures of the model return to their houses once more, leaving the flames to die down themselves. And she also watched the shadow that crept away from the gallows when all there had left. That can't be a good sign..


1) DEM
2) Dug
3) Fabi
4) Jimithy
5) Raven
6) Snow
7) Star
8) Taia

Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Mafia

It's night again. The dead may submit funny actions to undertake, the living may also do the same. You have until Satursay 8pm to submit your night actions.