Sunday, August 28, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Night 2

As the sun began to slide below the horizon the gallows remained empty despite the suggestions of some. The people went their separate ways, some smiling to themselves and others scurrying home to worry.

As the doors to the houses closed there was one thing that everyone agreed upon - when they woke there would be one less person amongst them, and there would be one more corpse to bury.

Looking down at the small figures of the model she could only smile proudly down at them. Worry as she may that her time in control was limited, she couldn't help but feel an attachment to the smart little worker bees.


1) DEM
2) Dug
3) Fabi
4) Jimithy
5) Raven
6) Snow
7) Star
8) Taia

Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Mafia
Hidden Neutral

It's night time again! I'll comment when comment moderation is on and then you can start submitting your night actions. Also post any quirky things you want me to include and I'll do my very best to include it in the story! Night ends Tuesday the 30th at 8pm (Tuesday 12pm Fabi and Dug, Wednesday 5am for Raven.) Good luck guys!