Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Mafia Round 6 - Night 1

As the sun began to set over the town red and orange stained the sky, the darkness creeping up behind it.

Quickly everyone scampered home, eager to once again play the game of life and death. It didn't take long for the square to grow empty. It didn't take long for night to set in.

Like magic she watched the corpses of the last ordeal rise within the mini figure, with a few new faces strolling in too. The rumours were true, the actions of those within the town were visible in the miniature version. And as she watched she couldn't help but wonder if this meant the other rumours were true too, the ones of the all powerful Supreme Galactic Overlord, but more than that she wondered why the people rose time and time again when certain death to some was sat upon the horizon..


1) DEM
2) Dug
3) Fabi
4) Jimithy
5) Raven
6) Snow
7) Star
8) Taia

Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Townie
Hidden Mafia
Hidden Neutral

Night has fallen upon the town! You have until Friday the 26th at 8pm GMT to post your night actions!
(Friday 26th at 12pm Dug and Fabi
Saturday 27th at 5am Snow and Raven)


Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Comment moderation is on!

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Fabi, Snow, Taia remember that if you have night actions you should email them to me.

Fabi -- The killer that sends heart emojis at everyone and hasn't actually killed anyone yet said...

I'm very tempted to post things like "Night action: have a cup of tea before bed" here and email you my actual game-affecting night actions if I have them.

However I have decided that's too much work and could get confusing. So yeah.

We Are Like Young Volcanoes said...

I leave a box of cookies at everyone's doors and go too bed.