Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Round 4--Skulduggery-themed!

This round of mini-Mafia will have a Skulduggery theme, but some of the roles will be effectively the same, just with Skulduggery-world titles. The stories will also be Skulduggerish. Sign up below and tell your friends and stuff!

Here's the rolelist right now. I may post a shorter one to limit the number of roles that could appear in the game.

SANCTUARY: Goal is to find and kill all Mafia.
Elemental-- (akin to citizen) No special powers.
Prime Detective-- (akin to cop) Can investigate one per night. Receives a verdict of suspicious or unsuspicious depending on whether or not their target is Mafia-aligned.
Healer-- (akin to Doctor) Can heal one person per night. That person can't be killed or converted by a vampire.
Necromancer-- (similar to twin, with some differences) Can talk to other Necromancers. At any point in the game, the Necromancers may decide as a group to invite one dead player into their chat.
Teleporter-- Can switch two people. Any actions targeting one will target the other. 
Gist-- Can chose to transform, killing who visits them that night (good or evil). Limit 2 transformations per game.
Magiphage-- (akin to Roleblocker) Can drain someone of their magic, rendering them unable to perform any actions that night. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to drain anyone that night.
Sensitive-- Can visit one person per night. Will learn whether that person is sanctuary, Mafia, or neutral, even for roles like the Godfather who are usually immune to investigation or people who are framed. However, if the Sensitive is visited by anyone, they will lose their concentration and learn the alignment of the visitor instead (but not the visitor's identity). If they are visited by two people, they will learn nothing.
Grand Mage-- Can reveal self as the Grand Mage by emailing the Supreme Galactic Overlord any time during the day. The Overlord will then announce to everyone that this player is the Grand Mage. Once announced, their vote counts double, but the majority needed to lynch stays the same.
Metalmage-- (has weapons) Can choose to defend one player per night. Will die with that player's attacker. Can defend self and die with own attacker. If they defend someone else, that player will survive.
Monster Hunter-- Can take the law into their own hands and choose one player to kill during the night. Limit two per game, can't do anything night one. Also can't shoot two days in a row

MAFIA: Goal is to kill all the Sanctuary.
Mevolent-- (akin to Godfather) The Mafia's head honcho. Immune to cop investigations and roleblocks and can't be killed at night, except by the metalmage defending someone or by visiting the gist when they are on alert, or by being switched with their own target. (Immune to Monster Hunter kills and being bused with other Mafia members' targets and Killer Supreme. Cannot die by the hand of anyone possessed by a remnant).
Mafioso-- No special powers beyond killing
Vampire-- Can convert one person to the Mafia. The converted person will become a mafioso. Limit one conversion per game. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to transform someone the same night. 
Necromancer Turncoat-- (evil twin?) Same abilities as a normal Necromancer, but secretly working against their Necromancer brethren. Can only carry out the Mafia kill if the other Mafia members are dead.
Shunter-- (basically the evil version of teleporter, but I wanted to call them something different) Can switch two people. Any actions targeting one will target the other. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to transport anyone that night.

Leech-- (akin to Evil Roleblocker) Can drain someone of their magic, rendering them unable to 
perform any actions that night. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to drain anyone that night.
Illusionist-- (akin to Framer) Can make an innocent person look guilty or a guilty person look innocent to cop investigations.

NEUTRAL: Goals vary
"Killer Supreme"-- Can attempt to murder someone each night. Has a 1 in 4 chance of succeeding, with the odds becoming slimmer each time someone dies. Not Mafia-aligned, but shows up as "suspicious" when investigated. Has the same odds of being immune to a night kill. Goal is to kill someone, anyone. If the Killer Supreme is the last one standing, they get ultimate bragging rights. Can win with town or Mafia if they have already killed someone, otherwise the game will continue until the Killer Supreme kills or is killed. 
Remnant-- Can possess one player per night, and select a target. The player will perform their action on the Remnant's target rather than their original target. If the person has two targets in the same action (i.e. Teleporter), the first target will be replaced with the remnant's target, but the second will stay the same. Wants the town to be dead and wins with the Mafia, but does not know who the Mafia members are.
Reflection-- Can take on the role of any dead person. Wins by fulfilling that role's requirements. There will be an announcement when the lost soul takes a role, but the soul's identity will not be revealed. If there is a vampire in the game and the vampire converts someone, the Reflection will have the option to take that person's old role, even though they're not exactly dead.

UPDATE: Because there are so many roles, it was necessary to create an order of operations. It just occurred to me that I should probably share this with you.
  • Comments on main blog close
  • Night chats open
  • Gist transforms
  • Remnant possesses (can still be roleblocked)
  • Teleporter/Shunter switch people (can still be roleblocked)
  • Magiphage/Leech block
  • Metalmage guards
  • Killer supreme kills
  • Monster Hunter kills
  • Mafia kills
  • Vampire converts
  • Doctor heals
  • Illusionist frames
  • Prime Detective investigates
  • Sensitive investigates
  • Reflection chooses role


Dugglyn Carzainia said...


Dugglyn Carzainia said...

And I'm in! (If you couldn't tell from the above comment XD)

Raven Astracae said...


I would very much like to be a part of this.

The One Who Waltzed Matilda said...

oooh sounds cool

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

Oh. My. Gosh. YES. Definitely playing this.

Okay, I think I love the traitor necromancer, the vampire and the killer supreme most. And the reflection and remnant come a close second. Oh my bananas this sounds cool.

Kadenpix said...

I will play

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear :) said...

Awesome! I'm up for this! :)

Adra Cruciatus and it said...

I'm down?? (Is confused about how this works but I wanna learn!)

Fabien(ne) Sauveterre said...

@Adra Basically there are two phases, day and night.

During the night, the Mafia members get to talk to each other, decide who to kill, etc. Only one member actually carries out the kill, but they agree on stuff together and they can strategize. Also town/Sanctuary members, neutrals, and Mafia who aren't carrying out the kill that night can do stuff (the Doctor/Healer can heal someone, the Cop/Prime Detective can choose someone to investigate, etc.) I turn comment moderation on so people can comment their night actions here and it will only be visible to me. Also some people email them instead. Either works.

At the beginning of the day, I make a post that reveals who died (if anyone) and what their role was. After that, everyone gets to talk to each other and tries to figure out who the Mafia members are. If enough people think one person is one of the baddies, they vote that person to a trial. The person then has 24 hours to defend themselves and people can unvote during that time. If the majority still think the defendant is guilty, the defendent goes is hung and out of the game.

Each phase is about 1.5-2 days depending on my schedule and depending on whether or not there is a trial phase that day. Also, the night phases can end early if everyone with an action submits something early.

You can read through the last game to see how it works, if that would help, and you're welcome to email me with any specific questions.

Fabien(ne) Sauveterre said...

Also-- I have enough people now that a game could exist, but I'm gonna wait a little bit and see if I can get two more people by tomorrow because I can include more roles this way.

Star Inkbright said...


:) This version sounds really cool!!

Fabien(ne) Sauveterre said...

@Star YAY

Fay contacted me via owl mail as well, so that's the two more people I was hoping for!

I'll send out role assignments and stuff later today.