Sunday, July 17, 2016

Round 4 Night 3

The votes were in, and Star, Elemental was the unlucky soul to fall victim to what many of the town thought was justice. A cleaver held her down while another one swung his scythe at her head.

Everyone winced at the disgusting squelching noise, including Star. She blinked. 

"Omj, what?" Her head seemed to be still attached. She looked around. Kaden's head lay on the floor.

The Supreme Galactic Commander appeared and waved off the abnormality. "He was inactive. Stuff like that happens if you only post once in a day phase and then go a day and a night without posting or giving me an explanation." She removed Kaden's nametag and pinned it to Star's shirt. "Congratulations. You've been either promoted, demoted, converted to the dark side, or some combination of all that. You'll figure it out. Check your email."

With that, the Supreme Galactic Commander vanished and everyone realized that they were capable of movement. They shuffled off to bed, leaving Star alone in the grand hall. Nobody said anything to her--what do you say to somebody you just had executed?

Star looked down at her name tag. She was not changing her name to Kaden. That would be almost as weird as the somehow-surviving-decapitation thing. She pulled a sharpie out of her pocket, crossed out Kaden's name, and then wrote her own on the side. Finally, she exited stage left to go figure out what her new role was.


The Mafia have the same number as the town now. If they still do tomorrow morning, or if they have a majority, they will have won. However, it is still technically possible for the town to at least procrastinate loss with a bit of luck and/or intelligence.

Comment moderation has been turned on. You have until Wednesday, July 20th at 10 AM Pacific time (6PM in the UK) to submit your night actions. The night may end early if everyone submits something by the deadline. If you don't wish to do anything, please submit a "do nothing" so the game can move forward more quickly.

Players Remaining--
2. Raven
3. Snow
4. Jai
5. Kaden Star
7. Adra
8. Fay

Hidden Mafia

Hidden Sanctuary
Hidden Sanctuary


Fabien(ne) Sauveterre said...

Well, if you keep refreshing this page, you'll see this comment.

It doesn't contain anything useful though.

Maybe take a snack break, grab some crisps and come back.

Kadenpix said...


Sorry I have been absent I was really sick for 2-3 days.

Fabien(ne) Sauveterre said...

It's ok, you can try again next game.