Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Round 4 Night 4

Jai scowled, but she couldn't see way out of this, so she decided to just accept her death. "I'll see you on the other side, Star."

"Last time we survived together, this time we die together," Star noted. "I don't really want to die. Can you lot just convert me instead so I still win?"

Raven laughed.

"Is that a yes?" asked Star.

Raven laughed again.

"Can we please just get my death over with?" asked Jai.

"If you insist." Adra gestured to a cleaver. "Hold her down."

The cleaver obeyed, not making eye contact. Adra slit Jai's throat in a swift, graceful movement and pulled a scarf out from her bag. The color from her previous kills had changed as the blood dried. Fresh blood was much prettier, and Jai, Healer had enough of it to do the trick.


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oh wait yeah deadlines

Um, Thursday, July 21 by 10 PM Pacific time (6 AM Friday in the UK) enough time for you?

Players Remaining--
2. Raven
3. Snow
5. Kaden Star
7. Adra

Hidden Sanctuary

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