Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Round 3 Night 3

After 24 hours, the verdict hadn't changed. Taia was brought up to the eco-friendly gallows.

"Do you have any last words?" Henry asked politely.

Taia nodded. "You're making a horrible mistake," she whispered, a single dramatic tear rolling down her cheek. When she realized that they would show no mercy, she dropped the act. She pulled her hand free to wipe the tear away and grinned. "You're still all going to die."

Henry spontaneously grew a mustache. "Apr├Ęs-vous, Mademoiselle DeMars."

A few seconds later, it was over. The body of Taia, Mafioso, dangled lifelessly from the rope.

Players Remaining
2. Jai
3. Raven
4. Dugglyn
7. Star

Hidden Mafia
Hidden Town
Hidden Town

The orders of these two lists are unrelated. Roles were assigned randomly.


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