Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Round 3 Finale

Raven grumbled and complained to the end. "But guyyyyssss! I'm not the Mafia. It's Star! Jai! Henry? Oh, come on. That owl looks SUPER suspicious."

Henry screeched indignantly and ripped off his fake mustache that he spontaneously grew while executing Taia.

"See? He had a fake mustache! He must be lying to y--" Raven stopped. Henry was in her face now, given her the evil owl eyes.

"You've been voted to hang. Your time is up." Henry tried to pretend he wasn't pleased about this. He didn't take kindly to being accused.

Raven scowled. "Wait no! There are four of us here. You, me, Jai, Star. Only Jai and Star voted. That's not a majority."

"I'm too cool to be classified in the same category as you mainstream mortals." Henry said. "I guess it's cool that so many of you have telepathic capabilities though, as it makes it sound like I'm actually talking like a normal person even though I'm not. Actually, maybe that's my new TARDIS translating. That would make sense. It'd also explain why I spoke French yesterday. Je ne parle pas franรงais. Wait what? Oh yeah. Right. I was executing you. Goodbye now."

Henry dropped Raven into a pit and told the zombie caterpillars that she was the one who'd killed Dug. They crawled all over her, sniffing for traces of Dugglyn's blood. Sure enough, it was there. The caterpillars were quite pleased. It had been a while since they'd been allowed to eat a person.

To her credit, Raven, Evil Roleblocker cackled evilly and yelled "vote Raven for president!" as often as she screamed.

The next day, there was time to give everyone a funeral. Jai, Star, Henry and the Supreme Galactic Commander stood over the graves dug by the Commander's minions.

Everyone said something about everyone.

"I know I didn't trust her, but she actually did a lot for the town and I'll never forget it."

"She was cool sometimes when she wasn't killing people."

"It's too bad he didn't live longer. He had so much life ahead of him."

"Thanks for the free TARDIS, bro. Owl Docta 4 Lyfeeeeeeeee!"

"She fought admirably until the bitter end."

Jai cleared her throat. "Dugglyn Carzania.. What really is there to say? The crazy pink fluff ball of energy that came bursting into our lives and has left us shell shocked ever since. I won't pretend I didn't loathe her occasionally. Sisters fight and we are no acception, although I'd like to think that our fighting was never extreme. She'd sacrafice herself for me, she said so herself.. Unfortunately she didn't have to, and I wasn't there in time to do so for her. Guess it's too late to say it now? I can hardly wind back time and save her. Yeah.."

Jai looked up, took a breath, and looked down again. "Everybody needs their rock and I especially need a rock whenever I'm going through this game, and ever though it was only three nights and two days, Dugglyn kept me sane and stopped me from stressing out. During the pre trial and the trial it was her arguments that kept me from hanging by a rope and I'm thankful for that, she's the reason the town has won. Too bad she can't bask in the glory. This should have been her third win, instead it's her first loss. I like to think that since we're telepathic twins in a way she still has won, that part of her remains inside my head and that she will at least get carried forwards to her glorious third victory with us."

Jai paused and looked away. "When I found out she was dead.. It stopped. My heart that is, just for a bit. The idea that such a vibrant light had just been snatched away, bright eyes and a bright mind snuffled out forever.. I froze up slightly and.. Anger and regret. Dugglyn shouldn't have been the person to die tonight, but in all my panicking I didn't have the foresight to tell her that I didn't want her gone, that I need her and that she, if anyone, should be the one to live. If avoiding my death has lead to my sisters death then that isn't right, and it shan't go unpunished. I love you Dug.. I'm sorry it's too late my wild banshee ninja. May you rest in peace. See y'all real soon."

Silence for a moment.

"Even with all the regret that I have for killing those that I loved. I would do it all again just to spend more time with the living you. If only I had commented first so that I was left hanging from those eco friendly gallows when the sun set last night. I would give the world just to fight good with you just one more time."

Star looked over and frowned. "Raven, you're dead. It doesn't make sense for dead people to give eulogies to other dead people."

"Well I'm the ghost president, so I can do whatever the hell I want! See you later, puny humans!" Raven floated off into the darkness to join her fellow Mafia ghost. The sound of a ghostly harmonica echoed into the night.

The supreme overlord watched them go, and signaled for some of her minions to follow them. If their plan to overthrow her ever came to anything, she could smite them easily. However, there'd been too much death already to kill the already dead just now.


The town has won! Congratulations to Star and Jai for surviving until the end! Thank you all for playing! 

Complete rolelist:

Mafioso-- Taia
Hidden Mafia-- Evil Roleblocker-- Raven
Cop-- Star
Doctor-- Snow
Hidden Town-- Busybody-- Kaden
Hidden Town-- Twin-- Jai
Hidden Town-- Twin-- Dugglyn


Raven Astracae said...

*hugs Taia*
Good job

Good game, well played guys.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

This is brilliant Fab! Thank you for having her eaten by the zombie caterpillars.

Raven, I now forgive you.

Taia, Raisin, A Good Bear :) said...

*hugs Raven back*

What a finale! Y'all played wonderfully.

The One Who Waltzed Matilda said...

I'm glad Henry enjoys the TARDIS. :)

The One Who Waltzed Matilda said...

Also, you're all insane. like, actually, legitimately insane.

Dugglyn Carzainia said...

this was such and epic conclusion OMLI XD

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