Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mafia Round 5 - Possible Roles

This is just a post to give you all a reference for what could be in round 5. I've edited a few roles a little so even if everything looks familiar, please have a quick look through. If you think anything sounds too overpowered or odd, just mention it.



Townie - No special powers, just another vote for the town

Cop - Can investigate one person per night, receives a verdict of guilty for all Mafia except the Godfather, innocent for everyone else.

Doctor -  Can heal one person per night. That person can't be killed or converted by a vampire.

 - No special powers, but can have a night chat with the other twin and talk privately. There will always be exactly two or none at all.

Necromancer - (similar to coroner) has one chance per game to convene with the dead. May choose one dead player to receive information form at this point. Information given by the dead is limited to what they knew pre-death (doctors can tell who they healed, detectives who they investigated, ext. ), and they can only share the information received from one night action.

Monster Hunter - Can take the law into their own hands and choose one player to kill during the night. Limit two per game, can't do anything night one. Also can't shoot two days in a row

Busybody - Can watch one person per night. Will be notified if anyone (Doctor, cop, mafioso, etc) visits that person.


Godfather - The Mafia's head honcho. Immune to cop investigations and roleblocks and can't be killed at night

Mafioso - No special powers beyond killing

Vampire - Can convert one person to the Mafia. The converted person will become a mafioso. Limit one conversion per game. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to transform someone the same night. If a player is converted, no killing can take place that night.

Role blocker - as the name would suggest, can block one person’s night action. Can also carry out the night's kill, but won't be able to drain anyone that night.

Ghost - Can possess one player per night, and select a target. The player will perform their action on the Remnant's target rather than their original target. Wants the town to be dead and wins with the Mafia, but does not know who the Mafia members are.

Framer - Can frame an innocent person so they will appear guilty if investigated or a guilty person so they'll seem innocent. Can also be chosen to kill someone, but will not be able to both kill and frame in the same night.


Survivor - Has two immunity vests. Can't be killed at night if wearing one. Goal is to survive until the end. Can win with town or Mafia, but not with serial killer.

Serial Killer - Has two immunity vests. Can't be killed at night if wearing one. Can also kill one person per night. Goal is to be the last one standing.

Executioner - Will be assigned a random target at the beginning of the game. Goal is to get that target lynched.