Thursday, July 28, 2016

Mafia Round 5 - The Snow Takeover

A cool wind blew through the town. The news had spread. The Supreme Galactic Overlord was on Holiday until further notice.

Everyone had been revived, miraculously, for the fifth time. All grudges held about earlier murders and tasteless killings had been forgotten. After all, what was a friendship without a little bit of murder?

Everyone had been revived...

Everyone, but one lone ghost.

The Supreme Galactic Overlord was on holiday. That meant no more random killings for a while. Or, at least, that's what people thought.

They were safe.

Somewhere, in the distance, one lone ghost laughed. Let Mafia round 5 begin.


Signups for the next round of Mafia are now, officially, open! If you'd like to join in, just leave a comment before Sunday 31st at 4:00pm AUSTRALIAN time so I can send out everyone's roles before I go back to school the next day. I'm yet to decided the roles I'm going to include, but I will be drawing from all the different versions we've played so far. I'll make sure to tell you which roles are included when I decide.

That's all for now. Welcome to the Snow Stormberg Takeover.


Dugglyn Carzainia said...

I'm excited and ready to play!!

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

7am for the British
2am for Adra
11pm Saturday for the other Americans, I believe.

Also I'm in.

Star Inkbright said...

Haha thanks, Jai. XD I was just thinking "hmmm, I have no idea what the fuck Snow means by that time but whatever, I'll just comment soon and that'll be good enough."

I WOULD LIKE TO JOIN! I'm excited to witness the Snow Takeover. :)

Star Inkbright said...

Haha Snow, your display name seems quite appropriate atm. XD

Fabi said...

I'll join, of course

Fabi said...
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Adra Cruciatus said...

I will join

Alastair Cruciatus said...

I think I'll join this round, if that's alright.

Silente Tempest (Jai) - St Of Sinners said...

That'll be six players so far then *nods*