Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The New Challenge~ The Third Lock, Part I

Hello, this is Fabi. I can't be bothered to write the next bit. Well, actually, I have bothered, and I've gotten sort of stuck. So anyway, the challenge is to write Lux's drive from her and Adamantha's base to the police station.

Info that might help you:

The police station is in the next town over, and it takes about twenty minutes to go the direct route. However, in certain circumstances, Lux might not go the direct route. That is completely acceptable.

Lux's given name is Sophie, and she's married to Officer Squires. They're happy but they both are busy a lot saving the world in different ways, so they don't get to see each other as much as they'd like to.

Lux's power is that she can see people's energy on them and on things they've handled. Each energy has a different color, so she can usually recognize auras she's seen before. She hasn't seen any of her pursuers before.

The pursuers are not all working together. All of them know, however, that Lux has something to do with the suitcase, and all of them want to capture it and/or her. You can make up details about a group of pursuers if it's easier to write from their perspective.

Lux knows her way around the streets very well.

Lux's car is a 2014 Toyota Camry, and it is silver.

For answers to any more questions, leave a comment.

You have until January 3rd to send in your submissions.

Each submission must include:

People following Lux in at least two different types of vehicles (i.e. limo, delivery van, motorcycle, helicopter, etc.)

A crazy homeless dude must throw a banana at a car, any car

Lux must get away and make it to the police station


A megaphone, telephone or phonograph (any of the three)

An inanimate object extremely similar to one that can be found in the room you're in when you're reading this. (Please tell me, in an introduction or footnote or something, what this object is)


Snow - I might not be changed for the better, but because I knew you I've been changed for good. said...

I'll start working on this in the morning. Should be fun. :)

Raven Astracae said...

Does it matter what the weather is like? I mean, can we chnage the weather or is there already a weather?

Fabi S. / Moss Cryptic ~ Meow said...

You can change the weather. I'd prefer if you didn't bring in anything too extreme (e.g. no hurricanes, tornadoes), but that's not, like, a rule.

Raven Astracae said...

I can just imagine this wizard of oz themed trip to the police station now.

Fabi S. / Moss Cryptic ~ Meow said...