Monday, October 6, 2014

The New Challenge~ The Second Lock: UPDATE

Here are the outfits I have received. If you sent one, and it's not here, leave a comment or email me.




(Sorry it's sideways. I can't currently fix that. It won't give you any unfair disadvantage, don't worry)




To answer your question about submitting multiple outfits, if you want to do one for Adamantha, one for Lux, that's okay, but three is too many and in my opinion gives you an unfair advantage. Also, the two outfits must be in one image.

UPDATE: I've decided, there will be multiple winners. If you submitted one outfit, it will be entered for both Adamantha and Lux, if you submitted two, could you please specify which one is which? Thank you. Bye.


emerald phoenix said...

Oufit 1: Adamantha
Outfit 2: Lux

Elleni Jazz, the Rainbow Goddess of Creativity said...

@Raven: That body figure *0* so awesome
@Fay: I love the second outfit!!
@Dugg: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
@Annika: Love it. It's your style. ;)
@Elleni: Oh. You're me.

Raven Astracae said...

Outfit one: Adamantha
Outfit two: Lux

Elleni Jazz, the Rainbow Goddess of Creativity said...

I like your little earth symbols :3

Raven Astracae said...

Thank you. It's some of the only kanji I can write in Japanese because Saturday is Earth day. See it looks like this 土曜日and then so the first part it Earth. I really like your glitter because...GLITTER OMERGAWD IT'S SO PRETTY.