Sunday, September 21, 2014

The New Challenge~ Teams

I'm also putting these in a page, which I will try to update as more people join. If anyone else wants to join a team, they'll go on the team with the fewest members, or if there's a tie for the team with the fewest members (as there is now), they'll get to choose between those, if they want to state a preference.

If you are really, really unhappy with where you ended up, let me know and I'll do my best to fix things.






Elleni the Rainbow Goddess of Creativity said...

What do the elements represent?

Elleni the Rainbow Goddess of Creativity said...

I can't wait for the adventure, Fabi :D

Fabi S. / Moss Cryptic said...

Some of the later challenges will involve teamwork. The elements are really just team themes, and shouldn't be too important for most of the competition. Hopefully that answers your question?

Dugglyn Carzainia, THE TUMBLE WEED!!! said...

*high fives Elleni*

Raven said...

It's time to play... I have noticed some random and completely coincidental things within the elements and for some reason I have decided to tell you them with your host, me! (I'll work on a better name for the show)

Let us begin with the Fire group.

If you take the first letter of each name, Dugglyn and then Elleni, you get DE, and the you add the group name, DEF, def sounds like deaf and if you burn your ears in fire you become deaf. Also, d, e and f are the 4th, 5th and 6th letters of the alphabet.

Moving on to the Water element.

So what is Snow? Snow is amazing ;) but besides that I'm pretty sure Snow is practically water in a different form - correct me if I'm wrong. And so, snow comes from water and therefore Snow is related to the Water group. What is Star (I know it's not grammatically correct in the sense I'm going to use it in soon, but just go with it.), Star is also amazing ;)) but stars are pretty much white speckles in the sky, snow is also white speckles in the sky. Star is related to Snow and then Snow is related to Water so they make the perfect group.

Now to the Air group.

This one is pretty straightforward....I'm kidding, it makes next to no sense but eh, go with it. :) So, how are Amethyst, Fay and Annika all related to air, behold the genius. So the first person listed in the group, (and there was probably no order to this) is Amethyst, the first letter of Amethyst is A, the first letter of air is A. Connection. The second person in the list is Fay, the second letter of Fay, (because she's second in the list) is A. CONNECTION. Also, Fay is like, the emerald Phoenix, and Phoenixes can fly....I think, but anyway things fly in air so...DOUBLE CONNECTION. Okay, so the third letter in air, is R, row and raining, starts with R, one time, it was RAINING and then Annika ROWED the H.M.S Umbrella all the way around Blogland. INCREDIBLY SHAKY CONNECTION. Finally, Air had three letters, there are three people. A NEARLY SOLID CONNECTION.

To the final group, Earth.

This one isn't really a connection, looking back, none of them were really connections, but hush, don't kill the game show. Plus, this made me laugh hysterically and I'm laughing typing it so here it is. Not even that funny but, laughing so hard can barely type.

So right, if Raven was to Trip....she'd fall onto the Earth. Get it, because Trip is like two thing, he's a person but also an action and so funny...

Well that's all folks, goodnight.

Hello Trip, it's great to be your partner/teammate...I'm sorry if you read this and then say...oh gawd...this looney is on my team but I swear I'll be as sane as possible when the actual challenge happens. This is just how my brain functions, 98% of the time. I save the functional 2% for exams.

Fabi S. / Moss Cryptic said...

This is so awesome.

emerald phoenix said...

Brilliant, Raven. XD
My favourite part:

Star Inkbright - aka Straw Allegory, the Queen Metaphorist, Warrior Bubble, Addicted Analyser :) said...


Snow who is actually Saracen (biggest plot twist of the century) said...

Team S!! (Snow, Star and Silente)