Saturday, August 9, 2014


1. How much should I bug you lot about new puzzles? On the one hand, I want you to know they're there, on the other, I don't want to be annoying.

2. Should I make there a prize for this? On the one hand, it'd be cool, on the other, people who have met more people would have an advantage, so I'm not sure it'd be fair.

3. At what point should I announce the answers? I've been posting the results for the ones everybody got right as soon as a bunch of people have answered, but if only one or two people have guessed correctly, should I wait, or just post the answer? Also, should I publish all the comments, or just the correct ones?


Silente Tempest said...

1)Not bothered at all. I like the info
2)Depends upon the type of prize

Adrasdos Dark said...

1.) I don't mind :)
2.) YES!!!! :)
3.) All of them :) maybe..... One day after release of quiz?

Star Inkbright - aka Straw Allegory, the Queen Metaphorist, Warrior Bubble, Addicted Analyser :) said...

1. Tell me whenever you pt new ones up, or I'll never remember. If you just direct the comments at me it'll make you seem like you're not pestering them lot, if you're bothered. XD

2. Like Silente said, depends on type of prize.

3. Wait for, I think, and if they still don't get it, announce anyway. And I think only posting the correct ones would be good?

Elleni's Jazz Hands the Art Ninja said...

1. Everytime theres a new one :)
2. Thats how puzzles work; the more you know, the better you are at it. So yes, prizes.
3. Post all of them.

Duggy Kitty! (Duggy the malfunctioning camel bean!!! :)))) said...

I love this idea!!
1.) I am frequently checking it but like the updates!
2.) Prizes would be cool but I don't know how you would give out prizes....
Maybe for the character? Or something to do with Blogland? Just ideas. :)
3.) When you post the answers you should do all of them, I am curious about what other people said. Maybe once there are a certain number of comments or after about a day? Maybe both?

Hope this is helpful! :) great idea, love it so much!

Taia DeMars, Raisin - Proud Princess of Flowers, Inesculent Bean and Dinosaur Enthusiast said...

1 - I don't think I have a preference, there, because personally I don't think it'd annoy me to be told? Also, the way you announced THIS post on the Blog felt, to me... patient? idk. But the manner didn't feel like it would ever be an annoying thing, if that makes sense. :) So, uh..? :P

2 - *has no idea?* I like self-perpetuation, but prizes are also fun.

3 - I'd say wait first, and then after so long announce anyway? Idk how 'so long' would be, though. :P
I also don't mind about all/correct. It might be interesting to see how else it could have been interpreted, kind of?

*realises all of her answers were basically 'I don't know'*
*sorry about that. :P*
*But it means I'll be happy in any case? I like this thing. :)*